I think female sexuality in the film is something which is objectified. The creature that Scarlett plays in the film exists to be objectified. She’s there to be objectified. And what she does in the course of the film, in her own discovery, is she reclaims that, she de-eroticizes her own image, actually. It seems to me to be somehow in line with Scarlett’s life as an actress, and in the way she’s objectified. There’s a parallel idea of her reclaiming her image, and her sexuality in this film, which I think she does. - Jonathan Glazer (x)

Do you feel that? That’s emotion.

Ok, Listen up folks. We have a security situation here.


Hannibal Lecter + leading a healthy physically active lifestyle cannibals need exercise too

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We would watch everything. The patterns of tree branches spreading out…  the thousands of shapes clouds make. I could count the number of leaves on a tree in five hours.

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Lauren Cohan - Sharp Magazine - November 2014

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gif meme: Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff + Up Close & Personal
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Marion Cotillard photographed by Julien Lachaussée, 2012